Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tangled watchin' with friend who doesn't have a blogger account :3

Today I went to the cinema to watch Tangled. Many people recommended me so I could absolutely NOT wait!!!! here is a pic of the snacks me and my friend bought to share.  A big box of caramel pop-corn, a box of m&ms with peanuts in them, and a LARGE coke and 2 straws to share :) . To those who haven't watched it yet, I recommend Tangled to you.  Please comment if you had seen it...Oh yeah, if you did , please tell me your favorite character(s). Mine are , Pascal, Maximus, and the ugly dude that like mime....LoL!

ThAnK yOu FoR rEaDiNg My PoSt !!!!

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  1. lol yeah tangled was great ^^ i like Flynn and Maximus